Power Monitor (New!)

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 Intelligent power monitor and fuel gauge.

  • Supports 2-6S batteries (6-26V) and currents of up to 100A when actively cooled.
  • CANbus interface using DroneCAN (UAVCAN v0) protocol.
  • Compatible with PX4 and Ardupilot
  • Bright RGB LED indicates battery state of charge and device status.
  • Multiple modules on the same bus can monitor multiple power sources.
  • Open Source firmware.

Note: Unlike the Power Module this device requires independent 5V power. 

Variant Shunt [Ω] Typical Load [A] Max Load[A]
Low Current
~5-20A 40A
~10-40A 80A
High Current
>60A  120A


The smaller the shunt resistor value the lower the heat dissipation requirements which increases the maximum current limit. However shunt resistor value is inversely proportional to current-measuring resolution so a `High Current` variant has 10 times less current-measuring resolution than the `Low Current` variant.  For reference the theoretical resolution for the `High Current` variant is 50mA and for the `Low Current` variant it is 5mA.